Technical Information on Internal Tooling

Minimum bore size

Minimum bore size

Due to the angular mounting of the WhizIn insert, the minimum bore size depends on the depth the tool is going into the hole. This can easily be calculated as shown in the picture to the right.

Turning with the right grade of carbide

10M An uncoated micrograin carbide grade at ISO K20-K30 for non ferrous materials.
C10 A TIN, PVD coated micrograin carbide grade
(ISO P20-P30, K10-K30) for longer tool life and also for Steel, Stainless etc. using higher cutting speed.
F10 A TiAlN multicoated grade suitable when extreme heat (900°C) is developed during machining.
B10 A AlCrN coating suitable when extreme heat (1100°C) is developed during machining.
Internal Measure

Special requirements

The WhizCut design is excellent for making tooling for special applications. For example, a different geometry or size of the insert. Just contact us and let us know Your requirements.

CIS are distributors for
WhizCut in the UK.

St Neots: 01480 225 850
High Wycombe: 01494 455 088 Portsmouth: 02392 202 300