Technical Information on CNC Automatic Lathe Tooling

Grades of Carbide

WhizCut external tooling inserts are available in both PVD coated and uncoated carbide with hardness over 1700 Hv. The grades are classified as follows:

Stock Standard Grades

  • 8M is an uncoated grade covering ISO groups K10-K20 and M10-M20.
  • C8 is a coated grade covering ISO groups K05-K20, M05-M20 and P05-P10.
  • F8 is a TiAIN multicoated grade where extreme heat is developed when machining.

Additional information of WhizCut carbide grades.


All WhizCut standard inserts have sharp fully ground cutting edges. The standard geometry's are 8, 12 and 20° cutting edge. The combination of a high positive cutting rake and ground cutting edge makes the WhizCut inserts useful in most types of material. The Micrograin carbide makes it also suitable for Titanium and Super Alloys.

Corner alternatives

Sharp Corner Full Radius Wiper Radius and Wiper
Some inserts for axial turning have a sharp corner to give minimum cutting force. Some inserts have a full radius to give a good combination of light radial pressure, long tool life and a smooth surface. Some inserts have a narrow edge, a "wiper" parallel to the centre-line of the machine axle. This wiper produces a very smooth surface finish. Some inserts for axial turning have both a wiper and a radius to get both the extra too life and the smooth surface finish.

Insert specification

Size 11 inserts are also suitable for the conventional type automatic lathes where the angle between slides is less than 55°.

Insert, Conventional automatic lathe

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