Precision Tooling for External Turning in CNC Swiss type Automatic Lathes

WhizFix pin tool holder
Tooling with WhizFix clamping system
- when access is best from the back side


WhizCut screw type tool holder
Tooling with Centre lock screw
- when access is best from the front side

One insert - two clamping systems

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WhizCut patented tool holder

WhizCut tooling in gang tool setup

WhizCut provides an efficient solution to the problem of limited space when indexing inserts in a modern CNC Swiss Type Automatic lathe. Almost all types of external applications can be performed using two tool holders, one for axial turning and one mainly for radial turning (parting off etc.). The WhizCut tooling system enables each tool holder to clamp up to 40 different kinds of inserts for various applications.
The WhizFix tool holder system uses a pin and a nut to make it possible to index or change the insert from the opposite side of the tool holder. The inserts can be indexed within 15 seconds even without access to the insert, making it the most effective tooling system on the market today for CNC Swiss automatic lathes.
The WhizCut screw type tool holder system, which utilizes the same inserts as the WhizFix system, is used when there is no problem accessing the insert from the insert side of the tool holder.

Fully ground edges for cleaner cuts

WhizCut carbide inserts

WhizCut inserts are specially developed to suit the cutting conditions in bar feed automatic lathes such as CNC Swiss automatics. The WhizCut precision inserts are made of carbide which results in maximum strength when looking at hardness and wear resistance. All cutting edges are fully ground and exceptionally sharp. This, together with the latest types of coating and suitable cutting geometries, gives WhizCut inserts an excellent tool life.
Innovative WhizCut inserts, such as the back-turning inserts, provide less cutting load and thereby higher precision and less interruptions in production. WhizCut has a large variety of standard inserts to cover almost all external cutting tool applications, and special inserts can easily be produced if the best geometry is not in the standard range.
WhizCut inserts are designed to enable cost-efficient grinding in order to obtain very competitive prices.

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