WhizCut Carbide Grades

Carbide inserts

WhizCut Carbide Inserts

WhizCut inserts and tooling are specially developed to suit the cutting conditions in CNC Swiss automatics. The WhizCut precision carbide inserts are made of carbide which results in maximum strength when looking at hardness and wear resistance. All cutting edges are fully ground and exceptionally sharp. This, together with the latest types of coating and suitable cutting geometries, gives WhizCut inserts an excellent tool life.

Grades of Carbide

The WhizCut carbide inserts are available in both PVD coated and uncoated Micrograin carbide with hardness over 1700 Hv. The grades are classified as follows:

Stock Standard Carbide Grades for external inserts

  • 8M is an uncoated grade covering ISO groups K10-K20 and M10-M20.
  • C8 is a coated grade covering ISO groups K05-K20, M05-M20 and P05-P10.
  • F8 is a TiAIN multicoated grade where extreme heat is developed when machining.
  • B8 is Is a AlCrN coating for materials such as titanium etc. where extreme heat is developed during machining.

Stock Standard Carbide Grades for Drills

  • 9M drills are uncoated micrograin grade drills at ISO K20-K30 a strength of >40 000 MPA
  • F9 drills are TiAlN multicoated grade drills suitable when extreme heat (900C°) is developed during machining.
  • B9 drills are AlCrN coated suitable when extreme heat (1100°C) is developed during machining. This is extra suitable for Titanium.

Stock Standard Carbide Grades for internal boring bars

  • 10M is an uncoated micrograin grade at ISO K20-K30 for non ferrous materials.
  • C10 is an TIN, PVD coated micrograin grade covering ISO groups P20-P30 and K10-K30 for longer tool life and higher cutting speeds in Steel, Stainless etc.

  • F10 is a TiAlN multicoated grade suitable when extreme heat (900°C) is developed during machining.

  • B10 is a AlCrN coating suitable when extreme heat (1100°C) is developed during machining.

The New Improved Carbide Grade

1mm Parting off manufactured parts per insert
Manufactured Parts Per Insert

Last year we performed some extensive tests with different new types of grades for our carbide insert tooling. Many of our customers were working together with us on this very important project. The result from these tests was a great success. We found one type of carbide being outstanding in improving the tool-life and performance of our inserts without any negative results compared with our present grades 8M, C8 and F8.

The new carbide in the 8M, C8 and F8 grades is harder but still has the same strength as the old ones. It is therefore considerably more wear-resistant and has given an average of 30% better insert tool-life. We have therefore decided to replace our previous grade. We are fazing out our stock of our old grade and have started delivering inserts with the new grade. Inserts with the new grade will have a label that says “New improved grade”.

It is our firm belief that all our customers will see the results of increased tool-life and productivity.

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